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Grill and Barbecue

Shashliks is probably one of the first words you would learn in Russia.

Shashliks – this is four words:

  • Freedom… Shashliks, made from meat cooked on long metal skewers, are always cooked in the open air, whether hundred miles from home or in the garden of your house. No need for an oven, a stove, gas or electricity, just a little bit of wood and coal, a mangal (barbecue), shampours (long skewers). And of course, meat or vegetables !

  • Natural… No need for extras for cooking. Wood, coal and slow-cooking on ember

  • Creativity… Shashliks always taste different from the previous ones. Always. From the choice of the meat, the quantity and temperature of ember, or chef’s mood, the shashliks you will cook will be different from the last ones.

  •  Friends… You do not cook shasliks just for you, but for yours friends !       

All our skewers are made from stainless steel and are sourced in Russia. Our mangals are made in France from galvanized steel.

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