Chaussons pour sauna et spa


Step into Unparalleled Natural Comfort with Our Cotton, Hemp, and Jute Slippers for Pool, Spa, or Hammam


Immerse your feet in unmatched natural comfort with our collection of cotton, hemp, and jute slippers designed for pool, spa, or hammam use. Each pair is meticulously crafted to blend well-being, durability, and style, offering a walking experience that invokes a harmonious connection with nature.


Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly and Breathable: Crafted from natural materials like cotton, hemp, and jute, our slippers provide a sensation of softness and freshness with every step. The natural fibers allow your feet to breathe, minimizing the buildup of moisture and heat. 
  • Natural Durability: Hemp and jute, strong and renewable fibers, impart exceptional durability to our slippers. Opt for slippers that stand the test of time while reducing your ecological footprint.

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