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Natural sea sponges

Natural sponges from the Mediterranean sea are a treat for your skin !

Their velvet texture and their high capacity to absorb water make them the perfect accessory in the shower or in the bath. They are totally natural, ecological and are suitable for all types of skins, including the skin of babies.

Natural sponges are very resistent, durable and easy to maintain : remove the excess water after use before storing, and from time to time, wash your sponge in water with a few drops of white vinegar. If properly stored, natural sponges will last for several years.

The size of natural sponges is always given on a wet sponge (their natural condition), on the largest size of the sponge. Natural sea sponges have a natural brown color : yellow sponges have be treated with harmless products to give them a shiny color. Sponges are classified in two categories, some being "Silk" and other ones "Honeycomb", depending on their texture.

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