Hammocks, an invitation to siesta!

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No need to explain what a hammock is, as you probably have a clear image that comes to your mind when someone says this word. Hammocks are commonly associated with South and Central America where they have been used for many centuries. As of today, their origin is not completely certain. They are said to have been designed to provide a shelter for local inhabitants of tropical forests, in particular to sleep above the ground, out of reach of ground insects. 

Most certainly, hammocks were popularized in Europe by Christopher Columbus, who introduced them on the ships for its crew. Hammocks were then adopted by many countries, and were introduced on the military ships. For example, the French Marine used hammocks on military ships until the early 70’s. Hammocks had several advantages: they take limited space, are easy to fix, absorb part of the movements of the sea and at Columbus time, they were even used to protect the ships from projectiles launched by the enemy. Such protection was probably not flawless though… 

Nowadays, hammocks are still commonly used in many places around the world. In rural places of South and Central America, they can be found in almost any house, as they are inexpensive and take very limited space, which make them the best option for people with limited resources. 

The art of making hammocks is common to Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico among other countries. Most of them are hand-made, based on techniques that are transmitted generation after generation. Hammocks are an essential activity for many villages and communities in those countries, as they sustain many families and are a source of income. 

Hammocks have also positive effects on the health. The rocking movement has a natural effect on us, as it is linked to wellness and sleep – think about the effect of rocking slowly a baby. But apart from being an invitation to siesta, hammocks are also said to have positive effect on the back of the people who use them. Indeed, the position of the body when laying on a hammock has an effect on a good repartition of the weight of the person, and has a relaxing effect.

With so many positive arguments, why not try to install your hammock in the garden and enjoy the art of siesta? Find out more about our Hammocks


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