Kit Large Mangal - 65x33 cm - With 8 skewers


Full kit for large mangal barbecue, including accessories.

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This pack contains

Brochettes - Manche bois - Lame 40 x 1,2 cm
x 8
Eventail pour attiser le feu - Plastique - Jaune
x 1
Removable Mangal Barbecue - 65x33 cm - Large
x 1


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This kit includes:

The barbecue is easy to assemble, with screws and bolts. 

Why you should use a mangal?

Mangal is a barbecue to be used with wood and coal. Most of the time, it is rectangular. The main difference with a traditional barbecue is the depth of the metal box: it is deeper on a mangal, and will make cooler embers, and will let you cook your meat and vegetables with less intense heat. Food is tastier and less dry.

The skewers are specially designed to be turned in any angle (from 0 to 360°) on the barbecue: the twisted metal part is designed to lay the skewer in any position, for a precise cooking. 

How to know when embers is ready? If you place your hand 15 cm above the embers and heat is acceptable, embers is ready. If you cannot keep your hand above embers, it is still too hot and you need to wait a bit more : if the heat is too high, your food may be burnt. 

Origin of items:

Barbecue made in France, skewers and plastic fan made in Russia.

20 Items

Data sheet

33 cm
60 cm
65 cm
Depth of metal box
14 cm
7.4 kg

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