Wooden accessories

Russia, as well as Scandinavia, has a long tradition in using wood : these regions are largely covered with forrests, whose wood is use to biuld houses, for heating and to make hundreds of useful items for daily life. 

Wood is particularly used in saunas. Indeed, saunas are almost always built from wood, and most items used in saunas are also made of wood. 

There are many different species of trees in Russia or Belarus, the two countries where our buckets come from. The emblematic tree of Russia is beech, but it is not used for saunas. Other species such as linden, aspen or especially alder as used in saunas. Linden and aspen are white woods, and linden is softer than aspen, hence less resisting. Alder is a lightly red-colored wood. 

All our buckets, spoons and ladles are made of untreated wood. Wood is not surface-treated nor varnished. Before using your bucket or ladle before first use, it is necessary to seal it, by pouring alternatively hot and cold water to have the wood react and fit accordingly. 

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