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Enamelled cookware

Why should you choose enamelled-metal cookware?

Enamelled cookware can be used anywhere : in your kitchen, in a bar, in a restaurant or when you are trekking.

Enammeled-metal cookware has mutliple advantages:

  • It does not alter the taste of food or drinks, and does not create micro-particles that would mix fix its content. 

  • It is easy and reliable to use

  • Its duration is really long : it will not get corroded and its shape will not vary when used. 

  • You can cook and serve your favorite food in a healthy and safe way

  • It is plastic-free

  • And it is easy to wash, by hand or in a dish-washer

You can use your metal-enamelled dishware on all stoves (gas, electricity or even induction) and in the oven. Just remember it is not suitable for micro-waves.

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