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Terracotta and Gzhel porcelain

The art of terracotta ceramics is widespread in Ukraine : they have a long-time tradition for terracotta and engobe dishware and cookware.

Terracotta dishware can be found all over the country, and is can be recognized at first sight by its brown color.

You can use terracota dishware to cook in the oven as well as to serve your favorites meals.

Before using your terracotta dish for the first time, you will need to put it into cold water for 30 to 45 minutes, and dry it throughly before storing it. As terracotta is naturally porous, it keeps water and smells. This is the reason why people who are used to terracotta always use one cup for the same drink : a teacup is a cup for tea, and no other drink, in order not to mix smells.

Gzhel porcelain is handmade in Russia, in Moscow region. It bears the name of village located 50 km from Moscow, on the shores of the Gzhelka river. 

Since early 19th century, this village has been manufacturing this characteristic porcelain. The blue paintings on a white fond are famous in Russia and beyond.

Very different items, from dishware to figurines are made from this porcelain. 

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